Conformal geometry and scalar curvature
Mini-Workshop in Regensburg

Jan 19, 2012, 9:45 to 17:15

Organizer: Bernd Ammann

Lecture Room in the Restaurant Vitus of the University of Regensburg.


9:45-10:35 Bernhard Hanke The space of positive scalar curvature metrics Vitus
10:45-11:35 Nadine Große Invertible Dirac operators and handle attachments Vitus
11:45-12:15 Andreas Hermann Zero sets of eigenspinors for generic metrics Vitus
Lunchat the restaurantVitus
13:30-14.20 Mattias Dahl Classification questions for invertible Dirac metrics Vitus
14:30-15:00 Alexander Engel Isospectral Submersion Metrics Vitus
Change of LocationTalks continue at the math department
16:00-16.15 Coffee break Math departmentM 104
16:15-17.15 Sven Führing Bordism, CP2-Bundles and Positive Scalar CurvatureM 104
After the talk of Führing, there is the colloquium of the math department with a talk of Robert Denk on Pseudodifferential operators and maximal Lp-regularity where everybody is very welcome. Afterwards everybody can join the colloquium dinner. Directions to the restaurant Vitus. The talks are not in the neighborhood of the campus, but in the historic center of Regensburg. From the main station (Hauptbahnhof) go straight into Maximilianstrasse. After about 400m turn left into Drei-Kronen-Gasse, then straight ahead through Schwarze-Bärenstrasse to Sankt-Kassians-Platz and to Neupfarrplatz. From there straight to Gesandtenstrasse, and then turn right into Rote-Hahnen-Gasse. Turn right again from Rote-Hahnen-Gasse into the street called Hinter der Grieb. Here you will find the restaurant Vitus. After entering the buildung turn left into the lecture room.
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