Spring school on Index theory, Lie groupoids and boundary value problems

Regensburg, March 16 - 20, 2009

Organizers: Bernd Ammann and Ulrich Bunke, Regensburg

Post-School information

Speakers and Talks

Schedule and Lecture Room

The school will start on Monday, March 16, 9 am.
The school will end on Friday, March 20, around 5.30 pm (17:30)
The schedule can be obtained here.
All talks are on the University campus, in the mathematics building, M104.
See here for German instructions how to get to the campus or just ask in the hotel. Print out this plan. This plan will help you to find your way on campus. On the plan look for the Math building in the middle of the campus.

Registered Participants

Abdirehman, Ibrahim Mohammed; Hyderabad, India
Ammann, Bernd; Regensburg
Angel, Andres; Bonn
Antonini, Paolo; Rome/Regensburg
Azzali, Sara; Göttingen
Battisti, Ubertino; Turin
Bunke, Ulrich; Regensburg
Carillo Rouse, Paulo; MPI Bonn
Carvalho, Catarina; Lissabon
Fermi, Alessandro; Göttingen
Frejlich, Pedro; Lissabon
Ginoux, Nicolas; Regensburg
Golmakani, Ali; Iran
Große, Nadine; Regensburg
Guminskaja, Hanna; Minsk
Hermann, Andreas; Regensburg
Iida, Shuichi; Tokyo
Kraus, Margarita; Mainz
Leitner, Felipe; Stuttgart
Maldonado, Osmar; Wien
Meier, Fabian; Bielefeld
Oukhtite, Lahcen; Errachidia, Maroc
Pape, Daniel; Göttingen
Pisante, Adriano; Rome
Walter, Michael; Karlsruhe
Weiss, Hartmut, LMU München
Witt, Frederik, Regensburg
Zadeh, Mostafa Esfahani; Göttingen


The spring school will take place in the medieval city of Regensburg.


Particpants should register by sending an email to our secretary, Mrs Bonn
rosina dot bonn at mathematik dot 
uni-regensburg dot de


We have reserved a number of hotel rooms for participants of the spring school. However in early December 2008 we have either to cancel the reservation or make the reservation legally binding. For details, please contact Mrs Bonn.

Sponsored by

Bernd Ammann, March 11, 2009 or later