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Matthias Blank
NWF1 - Mathematik
office: M205 (opposite to the library)
Universität Regensburg
93040 Regensburg

eMail: matthias.blank ''AT'' mathematik.uni-regensburg.de
phone: (0941)943 2760

About me

I am a PostDoc at the university of Regensburg and a member of the SFB Higher Invariants.

I wrote my Ph.D. thesis at the university of Regensburg under the supervision of Prof. Clara Löh. Titel: Relative Bounded Cohomology for Groupoids.

I did my Diploma thesis under the supervision of Prof. Arthur Bartels at the WWU Münster on geodesic flow spaces for hyperbolic groups.

Also, together with Mihaela Pilca, I am the assistants’ representative at the faculty council (Fakultätsrat).

Past Events

Summer School: Cohomology and Large Scale Geometry, Regensburg, 27-31.07.2015.
Organisers: Matthias Blank, Alexander Engel.

KMR Research Seminar on Geometric Group Theory 2014: Agol's theorem on special cube complexes, Regensburg, 26-28.02.2014.
Organisers: Matthias Blank, Clara Löh.

Publications and Preprints

(05.2015) Relative Bounded Cohomology for Groupoids arXiv:1505.05126 [math.AT] .

Uniformly finite homology and amenable groups. Joint work with Francesca Diana. Also available on the arXiv:1309.6097 [math.GR].
Published in Algebraic & Geometric Topology, Vol. 15, pp. 467-492, 2015.


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