Seminar über
Differentialgleichungen in der Mathematischen Physik
WS 2016/2017

Dienstags 14-16 Uhr im Raum M 101 in der Fakultät für Mathematik

Datum Vortragende/r Thema
18.10.16 Felix Finster An Introduction to causal variational principles and the concept of surface layer integrals
25.10.16 Guillaume Idelon-Riton Introduction to scattering theory and asymptotic completeness
01.11.16 Feiertag Public holiday
08.11.16 Lorenz Lamm Slightly non-selfadjoint perturbations of Sturm-Liouville operators
15.11.16 Alexander Müller The T-method
22.11.16 Bernd Döllinger Lorentzian spectral geometry and the fermionic signature operator
29.11.16 Andreas Platzer Introduction to causal fermion systems
06.12.16 Andrea Schätzl The osculating circle method
13.12.16 Samuel Hilgart The Friedrichs extension of -d^2/dx^2
10.01.17 kein Vortrag !
17.01.17 Sebastian Kindermann Schwinger's quantum action principle
24.01.17 Magdalena Lottner A brief introduction to General Relativity I
31.01.17 Magdalena Lottner A brief introduction to General Relativity II
07.02.17 Mustafa Akman Group representations with applications to causal fermion systems

9. Januar 2017, Eva Rütz