Curvature in Differential Geometry and General Relativity
SS 2019

Mittwochs 8:30 - 10 Uhr im Raum M 103 in der Fakultät für Mathematik

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Datum Vortragende/r Thema
Regular surfaces in the Euclidean space
1. 24.04.19 Michael Stegbauer Regular surfaces in R^3, definitions and examples
2. 08.05.19 Martin Pröbstl Tangent plane, differential and I fundamental form
3. 15.05.19 Michelle Frankl Normal fields, orientability and II fundamental form
4. 22.05.19 Juliane Fendl Gaussian and mean curvature
5. 29.05.19 Genis Canal Ferrer Surface area, area functional variation and minimal surfaces
6. 05.06.19 Lisa-Marie Wastian Vector fields and covariant derivative
7. 12.06.19 Riemann curvature tensor and Theorema Egregium
8. 19.06.19 Ulrich Steindl Riemannian metrics, geodesics, exponential map and parallel transport
Abstract differential manifolds
9. 26.06.19 Manifolds, (co)tangent space, tensor fields, pseudo-Riemannian metric, Lorentzian manifolds and time orientation
10. 03.07.19 Levi-Civita connection, geodesics, parallel transport and exponential map, Riemann curvature tensor, Ricci and scalar curvature
General relativity
11. 10.07.19 Paul Miethaner The constancy of the speed of light, causality and Minkowski spacetime. Inertial reference frames and Lorentz transformations. Equations of motion
12. 17.07.19 Lukas Schönlinner General covariance and equivalence principles: Einstein's elevator. From Minkowski to general Einstein spacetime, causality. Free-fall, geodesics and local inertial frames.
13. 24.07.19 Patrick Gotzler Energy-momentum tensor and Einstein equations. Special solution: Schwarzschild metric, event horizon and black holes

27.05.2019 Eva Rütz