Prof. S. Friedl PhD / Prof. Dr. C. Löh

In this seminar we will cover various topics in topology and geometric group theory.


On November, 16, the seminar will start at 10:00 (s.t.!) and end at 11:30.
In WS 2018/19: We will meet on Fridays, 10:15--11:45, in M201.

Scheduled meetings/talks in WS 2018/19

Date Topic Speaker
October 19 (M311!) Lower bounds on Dehn functions of residually free groups Claudio LLosa-Isenrich (PSUD)
October 26 Minimal stretch factors in the extended mapping class groups Livio Liechti (IMJ)
November 2 no talk --
November 9 Hilbert spaces over non-archimedean fields Raphael Schmidpeter
November 16 (10:00 s.t.!) Hopf algebras in Galois theory Linda Hu
November 23 Vassiliev invariants via manifold calculus Yuqing Shi (Bonn)
November 30 Lagrangian relations, cobordisms and the Maslov index Enrico Toffoli
December 7 part 2 Enrico Toffoli
December 14
December 21 Bieri-Neumann-Strebel Transchromatic Theory with Quasi Theory Gerrit Herrmann
January 11 Scanning maps (?) Luigi Caputi
January 18
January 25 Simplicial Poincaré Duality Bruno Mazorra
(addition talk of the seminar Topology vs. Combinatorics)
February 1 Alexandra Kjuchukova (MPIM)
February 8 moved to Wed, Feb 6, 14:00 Kai Zehmisch (Gießen)

Scheduled meetings/talks in SS 2018

Date Topic Speaker
April 12 Fibred classes Stefan Friedl
April 19 Homological stability for Artin monoids Rachael Boyd (University of Aberdeen)
April 26 Irrfahrten, Satz von Polya Leonhard Beutlhauser
May 3 Irrfahrten auf 3-Mannigfaltigkeiten Richard Mante
May 10 -- Ascension Day
May 17 Exceptional manifolds Stefan Friedl
May 24 Surgery theory for dummies/beginners Markus Land
May 31 -- Corpus Christi
June 7 Klassifikation von Seifert-gefaserten 3-Mannigfaltigkeiten Felix Eberhart
June 14 10 Reasons why profinite groups are important in the world around you José Pedro Quintanilha
June 21 Der Satz von Helly Julian Hannes
June 28 Configuration spaces of linkages Dennis Zumbil
July 5 A Tale of Three Embeddings of Group Rings Fabian Henneke (Bonn)
July 12 An introduction to machine learning Jonas Kleinöder
July 19 Simplicial volume of surfaces with finite coefficients Michael Friesen

Scheduled meetings/talks in WS 2017/18

Date Topic Speaker
October 19 (N)P basics Clara Löh
October 26 Decision problems in knot theory and 3-manifold topoloy Raphael Zentner
November 2 Surface (sub)groups Gerrit Herrmann
November 9 Torus knot recognition Steven Sivek
November 16 Counting covers of manifolds Bram Petri
November 23 Counting triangulated manifolds Christian Plankl
November 30 AT III backstory Stefan Friedl
December 7 talk in Bunke's AG seminar! Luigi Caputi
December 14 Geometry/Topology meeting in Augsburg
December 21 Train tracks, curves and efficient position Ronja Kuhne (Warwick)
January 11 Decision problems II Raphael Zentner
January 18 Simplicial volume and S1-actions Daniel Fauser
January 25 Berman kernels: asymptotics and applications Hendrik Herrmann
February 1 Toric magic Johannes Witzig
February 8 Persistent homology Daniel Grünbaum

Scheduled meetings/talks in SS 2017

Date Topic Speaker
April 25 Free group folklore in hyperbolic groups Clara Löh
May 2 Precategories and Phylogenetics Sebastian Rupprecht
May 9 Basics Johannes Witzig
May 16 Volume of 3-manifolds with boundary Gerrit Herrmann
May 23 Inflexible manifolds via rational homotopy theory Johannes Witzig
May 30 Cost Daniel Fauser
June 6 -- Pfingstdienstag
June 13 Berkovich spaces Philipp Jell
June 20 Der Reißverschlussbeweis Jakob Schubert
June 27 Bring your favourite group! all participants
July 4 Teichmüllerraum Georg Lipp
July 11 Linking forms Stefan Friedl
July 18 On links with non-trivial Alexander polynomial; starts at 10:45! Jungwhan Park (MPIM)
July 25 Das Wortproblem und Anwendungen zur Knotentheorie Lukas Grässl
July 31 Das Alexanderpolynom von gefaserten Knoten Andreas Wicher [11:00, M 103]
August 1 Quandles Stefan Wolf [14:15, M 103]

Scheduled meetings/talks in WS 2016/17

Date Topic Speaker
September 22 Lp-metrics and Shnirelmann conjecture Michael Brandenbursky (Ben-Gurion University)
October 18 -- Knot concordance conference in Bonn
October 25 Aut-invariant gadgets on surface groups and free groups Michał Marcinkowski
November 1 -- All Saints Day (Reformation Day +1)
November 8 Profinite rigidity of Seifert Fibre Spaces Gareth Wilkes (University of Oxford)
November 15 The Jones polynomial a la Jones, or how to get a fields medal by accident Gerrit Herrmann
November 22 Links, C-complexes and signature invariants Enrico Toffoli
November 29 More links, C-complexes and signature invariants Enrico Toffoli
December 6 arxivology all participants (*)
December 13 -- GK-Seminar in Windberg
December 20 Characterizations of complex reflection groups Christian Lange (Universitaet zu Koeln)
January 10 Detecting knots with L2-Alexander invariant Fathi Ben Aribi (Geneva)
January 17 Real contact manifolds Christian Evers
January 24 Homology of finite covers of graphs and surfaces Sebastian Hensel (University of Bonn)
January 31 wird verschoben! (Glatteis ...) Markus Eppelsheimer
February 7 On a Bennequin-type inequality from Bar-Natan homology Carlo Collari (University of Florence)
February 13 Hyperbolicity and isoperimetric inequalities Markus Eppelsheimer
(*) Every participant should select an arxiv preprint from the second half of 2016 and prepare to give a short (5-10 minutes) overview of that paper.

Scheduled meetings/talks in SS 2016

Date Topic Speaker
April 12 Dehn's (di)lemma Gerrit Herrmann
April 19 Secondary simplicial volume Daniel Fauser
April 26 More fun with polytopes Florian Funke (University of Bonn)
May 3 Slicing knots I Stefan Friedl
May 10 Slicing knots II Stefan Friedl
May 17 vorlesungsfrei!
May 24 COQ Johannes Prem
May 31 arxivology all participants(*)
June 7 The Legendrian knot complement problem Marc Kegel (University of Cologne)
June 14 Introduction to the Bass conjecture Alexander Engel
June 21 Homological stability Luigi Caputi
June 28 Outer space Michał Marcinkowski
July 5 COQ II Johannes Prem
July 12 Groups with context-free normal form Marcus Hopf
(*) Every participant should select an arxiv preprint from 2016 and prepare to give a short (5-10 minutes) overview of that paper.

Scheduled meetings/talks in WS 2015/2016

Date Topic Speaker
October 14 Unflexible differentiell graduierte Algebren Robert Haas
October 21 Kenan Ince (Rice University)
October 28 Markus Steenbock (Wien)
November 4 Manifolds with small integral simplicial volume Florian Pitzl
November 11 Fibre-preserving quasi-isometries, I Matthias Mages
November 18 Fibre-preserving quasi-isometries, II Matthias Mages
November 25 Fun with polytopes Stefan Friedl
December 2 Patrick Orson (University of Durham)
December 9 -- Windberg
Dezember 16 Anthony Conway (University of Geneva)
January 13 Universal realisation of cycles Johannes Prem
January 20 The growth of torsion in the first homology of a 3-manifold Johanna Meumertzheim
January 27 Palindromes Michał Marcinkowski
February 3 Localization to submanifolds in uf-homology Alexander Engel

Scheduled meetings/talks in SS 2015

Date Topic Speaker
April 22 Mitotic groups Clara Löh
April 29 Cubical simplicial volume Sebastian Waeber
May 6 The signature of a 4-manifold Stefan Friedl
May 13 The L^2-signature of a 4-manifold and mitotic groups Stefan Friedl
20. Mai Die Klassifizierung von topologischen 4-Mannigfaltigkeiten Mark Powell
May 27 Dehn surgery Matthias Nagel
June 3 Non-trivial semi-norms on uf-homology Alexander Engel
June 17 Cayley graphs of free groups Wolfgang Hempel
June 24 Sommerfest
July 1 The L^2-Alexander torsion of Seifert fibered manifolds Gerrit Herrmann
July 8 The L^2-Alexander torsion of Seifert fibered manifolds (Part 2) Gerrit Herrmann
July 15 The Atiyah-Patodi-Singer invariant and Levine-Tristram signatures Enrico Toffoli


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